8 centuries of Order and Turmoil!

It all started in the 13th Century

La Commanderie was built in the 13th century by Guillaume de Plaigne, a Cathar Lord, who took an active role in the Battle of Avignonet and later joined the besieged stronghold at Montsegur.

In the 16th century, Barthelemy de Plaigne extended the Chateau by creating the Salle des Chevaliers. His daughter Anne de Plaigne married the Count de Pibrac in 1642. She sold Plaigne to François-Paul de Béon-Massès-Cazaux, head of the order of St John in Toulouse, who, in 1685, established this domain as a Commanderie of the Knights of Malta. It remained in their ownership until the French Revolution.

In the 19th century, the chateau belonged to Mr de Nicol, who modernized the building, and it stayed in this family for a century, up until his last descendant Violette de Ferluc.

La Commanderie was bought in 1973 by Marie-France Gregory, mother of the present owner, and now is the family home of Rebecca Gregory, who is the proprietor and a sculptress. Rebecca will be happy to provide a guided tour of her sculpture studio.

Coat of arms of Guillaume de Plaigne

Seal of Simon de Montfort

First writing on the Chateau de Plaigne in 1270

Foundation of La Commanderie by Louis XIV in July 1688

Chateau La Commanderie in 1900

 Ball at Chateau La Commanderie in 1900

Vincent Rey in his De Bouton car in 1905

The Rey family on 4th January 1905 / Vincent Rey and his bicycle

Violette Rey and her cousins / Violette Rey

De Ferluc wedding in 1927 + Menu

Marie-France Gregory / Rebecca Gregory