Rebecca returned to the land of her fathers to study “les Beaux-Arts” in Boston (U.S.A.).

She first developed an interest in art history and devoted herself to photography. A training course in Lacoste in the Lubéron in the 90’s marked her transition to sculpture.

She settled 30 years ago, in Plaigne (Aude – South of France), where she designs and creates works of art in two complementary domains. Creative sculptures imbued by refined recreational abstraction on the one hand, and exclusive decorative ironworks on the other hand.
Inspired by the rough quality of the medium, Rebecca draws, shapes, mixes classical and contemporary forms.
She combines metal with complementary materials such as stone, wood, stucco,… and gives a significant role to the search for colour, using multi-coloured sheens and the application of gold leaf.


From the production of “small pieces” to large works of art, Rebecca will bring your aspirations alive by drawing out their own unique personality.

The sculptures are created in an exclusive site, which inspires creativity.